The Past

Since encountering the Vive Pre in 2016, there have been many incredible moments experienced using different VR/AR systems at location based entertainment venues, festivals and in-home 
HTC Vive
Roomscale Plus sessions
Vive Focus preview
HTC World Cup event London
Mario kart VR
Bandai Namco London
The future of VR
EGX 2018
Magic Leap
Raindance Immersive Festival
Microsoft London
Guest speaker on ergonomics
World VR Day
Eye as Witness
Holocaust Rememberance Day
Paragliding VR simulator
Brighton beach
Samsung VR experience
Oxford Street, London
Star Wars : Secrets of the Empire
Westfield London
Valve’s The Lab
enough said!
Google Daydream demo
Retail partner, London
Sky VR promo
Westfield London
Samsung 4D experience
Westfield London
Discovery of Witches
Sky TV promotion, London
Transference demo
Raindance Immersive Festival London
Air racing game
Milton Keynes
Pistol Whip at 144hz
Valve Index
Seven Miracles
Raindance Immersive Festival
Pimax Sword controllers
Review for Skarredghost

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